Chef: Singapore allows Indian cooks to work in restaurants.

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Chef: Singapore allows Indian cooks to work in restaurants.

The Ministry indicated that the application will be evaluated by a selection board consisting of industry and public sector stakeholders with expertise in Indian cuisine.

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Chef Shortages within the hotel industry

Singapore has enhanced its list of acceptable hires to include cooks from India. With a view to addressing labour shortages within the hotel industry; moreover, it has provided additional slots for certain jobs across different services and product sectors.

Traditionally, employers in the service and manufacturing sectors of Singapore have mainly selected work. Permit holders originating in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea or Taiwan.

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Chef: Application process for cooks

The Ministry of Manpower has recently unveiled the application process for cooks in Indian restaurants in the city-state. Applications may be submitted on the Ministry’s website from September 1 for those wishing to hire a nontraditional source. NTS work permit holders.

NTS countries include Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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With this move, cooks from India have been added to the category of housekeepers. Porters that are eligible for hire by work permit holders.

It pointed out that applications will be evaluated by a panel made up of industry and government stakeholders with expertise in India’s cuisine.

It noted that the new technology permits restaurants to hire cooks from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Singapore is seeking to enhance the multiethnic cuisine landscape of her country through an expansion in employment opportunities. Which are complementary with current recruitment sources such as Malaysia, China and Northern Asian countries.

National heritage

Welcoming the announcement, S. Mahenthiran, Managing Director of catering solutions and Honorary President of I Restaurant Association Singapore. Stated that this initiative will encourage India’s domestic restaurants to offer their finest dishes.

According to The Straits Times, employment such as welders and some food preparation workers were included in the revised NTS list. Which was introduced at the Budget debates of 2022 along with cooks for Indian restaurants.

Salary For Cooks

Those workers must be paid at least SGD 2,000 a month by their employers on contractual basis. Those employees, excluding those who hold an employment pass, must represent 8 % or less of the total number of workers employed by the employer.

Ms. Margaret Heng, Executive Director of the Singapore Hotel Association expressed her appreciation for the Government’s initiative. Pointed out that an employee shortage could impact on hotel operations which are needed to achieve a country’s reputation as a favoured tourist destination.

Singapore National Federation Said

Executive Director of the Singapore National Federation of Employers Sim Gim Guan said it would ease manpower shortages for employers. If they were carefully allowed to employ workers from NTS countries in specific occupations.

This is essential to retain Singapore as a destination for meetings, incentives, events and exhibitions in order to attract tourists from all over the world,” Sim noted.

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