11 Body Language To Understand Your Dogs Better  

 The wagging of the tail means that the dog is emotionally aroused. It is also possible to feel excitement, but it also is a feeling of disappointment or frustration.

 Tucked tail: One of the most striking signs that a dog has been frightened, terrified, injured or ill is his tail tucked between his legs.

 Squinting Their Eyes: Dogs' eyes are pointing to calm intentions by blinking. When your dog looks at you, he expresses his love and desire for your attention by blinking his eyes.

Tilting their head: Head tilt allows them to hear more clearly. It can help to triangulate the sound's location, so they hear it more clearly, by rotating their ears or entire head.

 Dogs Ears forward: The dog is paying close attention to something or someone when the ears are standing straight up, or when dogs with floppy ears are inclined forward. The dogs got curiosity and alertness.

 Dogs' Ears flattened against the head: Slightly pulled-back ears signal that the dog is feeling friendly. Whenever you pet your dog, you see it all the time. But the ears may be tight against the head as a sign of fear.

 Dogs A Raised Paw: A raised paw means that the dog lifts one of its legs slightly off the ground. It's common to find that a dog is uncertain about its position, or might even feel uneasy.

 Dogs Licking You: There are a lot of reasons dogs lick you. Maybe you'd like them to show your love and affection. Perhaps they're grooming you, showing how worried they are about your health. Or they're just going to enjoy the taste of your skin because you'll have the residue of some delicious treat on your skin.

 Dogs Play Bow: This gesture is an obvious sign that your dog's happy and wants to start playing with you or another animal.

 Dogs Trembling: If you respond to another human or dog by shaking or shivering, it means your dog is scared. Bring them indoors if it is too cold out so that they can keep their warmth!

Dogs Whale eyes: The dog is referred to as whale eye when it shows white in its eyes. It's a sign that they feel uneasy or tense at the moment.