Director Om Raut’s Epic Mythological Tale “Adipurush” No. 1 Review

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Director: Om Raut
Cast: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Devdatta Nage, Saif Ali Khan, Vatsal Sheth, Sonal Chauhan, and others
Where: In theatres near you
Rating: 3 stars

A lot of anticipation and excitement surrounded filmmaker Om Raut’s ambitious project, “Adipurush,” which brings to life the epic mythological tale of Ramayana. The film has managed to exceed expectations, considering the challenges it faced during production. With its stunning visuals, authentic character portrayals, and immersive VFX, “Adipurush” delivers a memorable cinematic experience.

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Director Om Raut’s Epic Mythological Tale “Adipurush” No. 1 Review

Director Om Raut’s Vision

Om Raut presents a fascinating take on the beloved tale of Ramayana, captivating the audience for a runtime of 179 minutes. While the screenplay appears episodic at times, it is understandable given the monumental task of condensing such a vast story into a few hours. Raut brilliantly captures essential chapters from the Ramayana, including Ravan’s revenge for his sister Shurpanakha’s disfigurement, the emotional meeting of Ram and Hanuman, Sita’s abduction by Ravan, the poignant moments shared between Ram and Sita, the construction of Ram Setu, the valiant Jatayu’s sacrifice, and the retrieval of the life-saving Sanjeevini Buti.

The Storyline and Key Scenes

“Adipurush” takes a narrative approach that appeals to both kids and the youth, with striking similarities to international productions like those from Marvel and Disney. The film’s use of cutting-edge sound and visual technology enhances its overall impact. Given the legendary status of Ramayana, this treatment and atmosphere suit the story far better than a fictional narrative like “Brahmastra.” While “Adipurush” may not break new ground, it certainly exceeds expectations as a one-time watch.

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Impressive Performances

Director Om Raut’s Epic Mythological Tale “Adipurush” No. 1 Review

Prabhas, essaying the role of Lord Ram (Raghav), appears majestic on the screen, aided by the impactful voice of Sharad Kelkar. His stoic dialogue delivery perfectly complements his character. Kriti Sanon shines as Sita, portraying her with grace and beauty, even with limited dialogues. Her emotional scenes evoke tears and leave a lasting impression. Sunny Singh as Laxman does justice to his role, showcasing his potential as an actor. Devdatta Nage, a well-known Marathi actor, impresses as Hanuman with his conviction, sincerity, and humorous dialogues, although his accent may be a concern for some.

Director Om Raut’s Epic Mythological Tale “Adipurush” No. 1 Review

Saif Ali Khan embodies the character of Lankesh (Ravan) with swag, style, and an air of evilness. His fiery and feisty portrayal adds depth to the film. The VFX for his vehicle, Garud, could have been better executed, but the effort is commendable. The Vaanar sena, Sugriv, and Bali could have received more attention, but their presence contributes to the overall narrative.

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Disappointing Dialogues

The dialogues penned by Manoj Muntashir are a letdown, with some lines even copied from popular motivational speakers. While the intent might have been to stay faithful to the original version, the dialogues fail to capture the essence of the era in which the story is set.

Memorable Characters

Apart from the main cast, Sonal Chauhan has limited screen time, and Vatsal Sheth surprises with a convincing performance as Indrajit, Ravan’s evil son. Ajay-Atul’s music enriches the film, with songs like “Ram Siya Ram” in the opening credits and “Jai Shri Ram” perfectly complementing triumphant moments. “Tu Hai Sheetal Dhara” is a pleasant love song that adds a touch of romance to the narrative.

Music and Soundtrack

Ajay-Atul’s music in “Adipurush” is soothing and complements the storytelling. The opening credits feature “Ram Siya Ram,” while “Jai Shri Ram” adds to the triumphant moments. The love song “Tu Hai Sheetal Dhara” adds a pleasant touch of romance to the narrative.

Final Verdict

“Adipurush” may not be a flawless film, but it manages to rise above the expectations set by the pre-release hype. With its captivating visuals, authentic character portrayals, and engaging storyline, the movie offers an entertaining cinematic experience. Director Om Raut successfully brings his vision of Ramayana to the screen, making it a commendable one-time watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When will “Adipurush” be released?
    Adipurush” is currently playing in theatres near you.
  2. Who is the director of “Adipurush”?
    The film is directed by Om Raut.
  3. What is the rating of “Adipurush”?
    “Adipurush” has been rated 3 stars.
  4. Who plays the role of Lord Ram in the movie?
    Prabhas portrays the character of Lord Ram (Raghav) in “Adipurush.”
  5. Are there any standout performances in the film?
    Kriti Sanon delivers a memorable performance as Sita, and Saif Ali Khan impresses with his portrayal of Lankesh (Ravan).
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