Bhopal: A Tragic Incident of Debt-Stricken Family Committing Suicide

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In a heart-wrenching incident that highlights the devastating impact of debt, a family in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, took the extreme step of committing mass suicide. The incident occurred late at night on Wednesday in the Shiv Vihar Colony, located at Harihar Nagar in Neelbad under Ratibad police station area.

The young couple tragically fed their two innocent children poisoned cold drinks before taking their own lives by hanging themselves. The authorities were alerted, and upon reaching the scene, they discovered a four-page suicide note left behind by the deceased. The note revealed the family’s distress caused by online loans and the harassment they faced from debt collectors. The family pleaded to be spared from postmortems and urged for a dignified mass cremation.

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Bhopal: The Distressed Family

The family hailed from Rewa and consisted of Bhupendra Vishwakarma, his wife Ritu Vishwakarma (29), and their two sons, Rituraj (eight years old) and Rishiraj (three years old). Affectionately called Rishu and Kishu by their relatives, they lived in Shiv Vihar Colony. Bhupendra was employed in the private sector and had taken an online loan a few months ago.

However, due to financial constraints, he found it difficult to repay the loan installments on time, leading to an increasing burden of debt. The relentless harassment by debt collectors further exacerbated the family’s anguish. To resolve the situation, Bhupendra was coerced into taking another loan from the same company to repay the previous one. This only intensified the pressure as the new loan demanded higher installments.

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The Suicide Note Reveals a Tale of Harassment

Bhopal: The four-page suicide note left behind by Bhupendra meticulously detailed the relentless harassment inflicted upon him and his family by loan company officials and debt collectors. He expressed concerns about the tarnished reputation of his family and worried about the impact on his daughter’s prospects for marriage. Overwhelmed by the weight of societal judgment and unable to bear the hardships any longer, Bhupendra made the tragic decision to end his life.

A Desperate Plea to Protect His Children

In the suicide note, Bhupendra revealed his desperate resolve to shield his children from the difficulties they were about to face. He apologized to all the people affected by their actions and expressed remorse for leaving this world. His wife had questioned the morality of their actions when they found themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of online loans, but Bhupendra reassured her that he was not doing anything wrong. The police are thoroughly investigating the contents of the suicide note, including the mention of online gaming as a contributing factor.

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Capturing a Final Moment Together

Before carrying out their tragic decision, the family took a group photo as a poignant reminder of the life they were leaving behind. They shared the suicide note with acquaintances, relatives, and bribe takers via social media platforms like WhatsApp. In the note, Bhupendra expressed their last wish for a mass cremation without postmortem examinations, emphasizing the importance of keeping the family together in death as they were in life.

Condolences from Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath, the former Chief Minister and State President of the Congress Party, expressed his deep sorrow over the family’s tragic suicide. Taking to Twitter, he shared his condolences and highlighted the larger issue of debt becoming a fatal crisis in Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath offered prayers for the departed souls and urged strength for the grieving family members.


The distressing incident of a debt-stricken family’s mass suicide in Bhopal serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact of financial burdens and the need for greater support systems to address the issue. It calls for increased awareness of mental health and financial literacy to prevent such devastating outcomes. The tragedy should also prompt society to reevaluate its approach to debt collection and loan practices, emphasizing compassion and understanding during times of financial hardship.

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