Hottest Bengali Adult Movies of All Time

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Bengali Adult Movies: There’s been a lot of progress with Bengali movies. From the iconic Satyajit Ray to the controversial Rituparno Ghosh, Bengali directors have always tried to break the stereotypical borders and think out of the box.

Some of the Bengali films have been destroyed or burned, some directors have gone ahead to break through these walls and into unfamiliar territory. Bengali We are still in a society where adult films remain very controversial and taboo.

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While orthodox Bengali folk stay true to their roots, some brave souls have branched out into topics relating to sex, lust, and sexual identity. Although those films might be hard to swallow, they’re telling the true story of what a significant part of our society is dealing with in secret.

Now let me introduce you to some of the Bengali adult films that are provocative, but bold and hot as hell.

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1.Cosmic Sex

Bengali Adult Movies

One of the boldest Bengali adult movies to hit the screens, Cosmic Sex was if nothing but controversial. This movie is about a man’s spiritual awakening through sex. The main character of the film Kripa meets Sadhvi. Who teaches him how to worship God through his own body in an art called Dehotatvaworship. She’s also teaching him the cosmic connection between spiritual attainment and sexual fulfilment.

The director, despite his film being considered provocative, tried to make a point of focusing on the selflove teachings and fulfilment in order to achieve another phase of spiritualism.

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2.Bengali Adult Movies: Chatrak

Bengali Adult Movies

Considered to be one of the most controversial Bengali adult movies of all time, Chatrak was way ahead of its time. What caused the stir was not the steamy sex scenes but the full-frontal nudity shot by actress Paoli Dam.

The movie is about the relationship between Sudip Mukherjee, who works as an engineer in Dubai and his girlfriend Paoli Dam. She’s loved him too much to wait for him all this time. When Sudeep returns to find his estranged brother Sumeet. They hear rumours that he is living in the forest existing on vegetation.

Although the film’s plot seems to have missed something, the director has tried to make taboo topics such as schizophrenia and sexually satisfying subjects an integral part of his work. Which, did not go down well with the public.

3.Bengali Adult Movies: Bishh


The most controversial director in our time, Q., was the creator of this Bengali adult film. Bishh, just like Gandu, is the masterfully created story of a woman who after being betrayed by love decides to seek out her sexuality in the world. The movie’s main protagonist, Rii Sen, delivers another iconic role, where she tries to unlock her sexual wants and desires without any judgment.

Thanks to its smart and unique plot, this film has been given a favourable review. According to some, Bishh’s one of our generation’s best Bengali erotic films.



This 2017 Kaushik Ganguly directed film sparked major controversies, which is why it is at number 4 in the hot Bengali movie list. The movie is based on the explicit love story of Parimal or Puti, a transgender woman and Madhu a flute player.

The movie touches on tabooed topics like same-sex love, sex reassign surgery, and the hate transgendered people suffer in our society. The plight of a large section of India’s population, which others don’t hear about, is an important lesson to be learned from this Bengali adult film.

5.Bengali Adult Movies: Chhip Suto Char


Chhip Suto Char is next on the list of Bengali adult movies. This film showed the real face of the movie industry in a different light, and that has caused quite a stir. The plot follows three childhood friends, Suman, an unsuccessful film maker, Joy, a wealthy and sad man, and Pratik, the philanderer. The three hatches a plan to lure women on the pretext of choosing them to star in a movie, all the while, they plan to use them for sexual favors.

The movie is considered to be based on what people face when they enter the glitz and glamour world – the movie industry.

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