Mughal Harem: The Sister of the Mughal Emperor, Who Endured a Life of Hell in the Harem

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Mughal Harem: The Mughal Empire in India has often been romanticized in history books, with tales of grandeur and opulence taking center stage. However, hidden beneath the pages of praise lie untold stories of suffering and sacrifice. One such story is that of Khanzada, the sister of the Mughal emperor, who endured a life akin to hell within the confines of the harem. This article unveils the untold narrative of Khanzada, her powerful political influence, her marriage to a sworn enemy, and the trials she faced during her tumultuous life in the Mughal harem.

Mughal Harem: Lived Like Hell in a Harem

Mughal Harem: The Sister of the Mughal Emperor

Khanzada’s life within the Mughal harem was a harrowing journey of pain and resilience. Separated from her family for a decade, she was passed from one husband to another, ending up with a third. Amidst these trials, Khanzada’s story reflects the resilience and determination of a woman who experienced the worst of life within the Mughal harem.

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Babar’s Sister Khanzada: A Political Powerhouse

During her brother Babar’s reign, Khanzada was not just another woman within the harem; she wielded immense political power. Khanzada was astute in trapping enemies and adept at navigating treacherous political waters. Her influence was a crucial asset to her brother during his rule.

Babar’s Defeat by Shaybani Khan

The Mughal Empire faced a critical moment when Babar suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Afghani Sultan Shaybani. Shaybani had besieged Delhi for six long months, and the situation had become dire. Soldiers teetered on the brink of starvation. It was then that Khanzada stepped forward to safeguard her brother’s kingdom.

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Marriage to Her Brother’s Enemy

In a daring move, Khanzada sent a proposal to Shaybani Khan. She offered to marry him if he would lift the siege of Delhi. Shaybani, captivated by Khanzada’s beauty, readily accepted the proposition. Against the advice of Babar’s entire clan, Khanzada married Shaybani, her brother’s arch-enemy. This decision marked the beginning of her tumultuous life.

Mughal Harem

Mughal Harem: Life Became Hell After Marriage

Following her marriage to Shaybani, Khanzada’s life descended into a nightmarish ordeal. The harem that had once been a symbol of luxury and privilege became a prison. Khanzada’s story reflects the suffering endured by women in such settings.

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Bitterness in Relationships Due to the Death of Her Son

Khanzada bore a son, Khurram, within Shaybani Khan’s harem, but her joy was short-lived. Tragedy struck as her son died only a few days after birth. This loss strained Khanzada’s relationship with Shaybani further, setting the stage for more hardships.

Mughal Harem: Expelled from the Harem

Shaybani Khan eventually expelled Khanzada from his harem, forcing her into a marriage with one of his military Syeds. Even after this second marriage, Khanzada’s sorrows remained unrelenting.

Second Husband’s Death in War

A war broke out between Shaybani Khan and Shah Ismail, leading to the death of Khanzada’s second husband, Syed. In an unexpected twist, Ismail made Khanzada his mistress upon discovering her true identity as Babar’s sister. It took nearly a decade for Khanzada to reunite with her family.


The story of Khanzada, the sister of the Mughal emperor, is a testament to the resilience and strength of women in history. Her journey through the trials of the harem, her marriage to an enemy, and the loss of her son highlight the untold stories that often remain hidden behind the grand narratives of empires. Khanzada’s legacy serves as a reminder of the often-overlooked facets of history.


Q: What was Khanzada’s role within the Mughal Empire?

A: Khanzada, the sister of the Mughal emperor Babar, wielded significant political influence during her brother’s reign.

Q: How did Khanzada save Delhi from Shaybani Khan’s siege?

A: Khanzada proposed marriage to Shaybani Khan in exchange for ending the siege of Delhi, a daring move that succeeded.

Q: What hardships did Khanzada face after marrying Shaybani Khan?

A: Khanzada’s life in the harem became a nightmarish ordeal after her marriage to Shaybani.

Q: What caused bitterness in Khanzada’s relationship with Shaybani?

A: The death of Khanzada’s son shortly after birth strained her relationship with Shaybani Khan.

Q: How did Khanzada eventually reunite with her family?

A: After a series of marriages and hardships, Khanzada returned to her family nearly a decade later.

Q: What lessons can we learn from Khanzada’s story?

A: Khanzada’s story emphasizes the strength and resilience of women in history and the often-overlooked narratives of the past.

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