Anime Girls: Top 7 Fights of Anime Of All Time

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Anime Girls: Top 7 Fights of Anime Of All Time

Anime Girls: 7 Taiga vs Sumire “Toradora”

Taiga vs Sumire

School rumbles don’t come deadlier than this! Taiga can’t hold back her anger against her enemy after a friend’s love confession goes wrong. The two of them fight with wooden swords and fists. Despite its small size, Taiga lives up to her name here with such anger that we are pretty sure if Ryuji hadn’t jumped in at the same time as he did. She would have destroyed Sumire. The hormones of teenagers are a force of nature on themselves!

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6 Yuki vs Ryoko “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”

Anime Girls

We’ve all been there, casually going about our lives, only for a classmate to try and stab us to death because they’re a humanoid interface sent to Earth. Sentient data to keep tabs on another classmate. Who just happens to be a borderline God. Fortunately, at the last second when Yuki came into the situation, Kyon’s goose had been saved and he revealed himself to be a tech who could perform amazing feats. While it looks like the happy-go-lucky killer has her on the ropes. It’s not long before the SOS Brigade member brings out the big guns and performs a force shutdown on Ryoko’s plans.

5 Merlin vs Grayroad “The Seven Deadly Sins”


Two beings who have enormous powers of magic capable of changing and disrupting the fabric of reality. But there’s only one who’s got the ability to spell cast, beautiful looks, and unmistakable voice talent. That’s not a bunch of demonic bugs working for the Ten Commandments. And Merlin’s ability to wipe out his opponent, thanks to the handy skill he has in maintaining his magical techniques without being exhausted. Also leaves every demon quivering with their nonexistent boots by simply uttering her true name.

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Anime Girls: 4 Yoruichi vs Soi Fon “Bleach”


A true clash of speed, this little reunion saw Soul Society’s very own killer bee trying to lay on the stings against her former mentor and idol. Despite her commando unit and the ability to instantly kill her target. If she strikes the same place twice, she’ll be able to kill her target. Before Soi Fons can be compared with the Flash Goddess, she has a long way to go. Outdoing her pupil at every turn Yoruichi doesn’t only demonstrate why she’s still a top cat but wins the day without really hurting her.

Anime Girls: 3 Ruler vs Archer “Fate/Apocrypha”

Anime Girl

Sure, Atalanta is nowhere near as cray when compared to someone like Celenike, but she certainly gave it her all. Despite his murderous tendencies, the sudden death of Jack the Ripper proved too much for her to bear, due to her desire to protect all children no matter the circumstances. In response, the Archer of Red declared war on Jeanne, willing to shoot her with arrows and even turn her into a monster if it meant that she could defeat the ruling class. It’s going as well as you think it’s going to go.

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2 Ryuko vs Satsuki “Kill la Kill”


Oh. Sisters are always at odds, but you will not see a sibling fight like this one in your life. The rebellious firecracker, armed with his Kamui, exchanged blows with the undisputed ice queen of the academy and destroyed everything he came into contact with. The home girl eventually found her footing, and fully accepted Senketsu’s strength, while Satsuki’s lack of shame and unremitting determination enabled her initially to knock Ryuko down.What a shock it is that they haven’t destroyed all the schools with these little fights.

1 Homura vs Mami “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion”

Homura vs Mami

There’s a gunfight, and then there’s this! As disappointing as it may be that Kyoko is absent, there’s no question in my mind that this unexpected firefight reveals itself to be astonishing. Homura finds herself in the crosshairs of her fellow magical girl, who fears that she is going off the deep end, after she realizes that her reality is nothing more than an illusion. And then comes the stunning, graceful dance of death. With Mami’s endless supply of rifles combined with Homura’s time-stopping trigger,it’s going to be a long time before bullets hit the air in slowmo!

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